The Newscene | How to start a community with The Newscene? (2/n)

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How to start a community with The Newscene? (2/n)

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Konan Kouassi


We advocate for building an authentic community that will ultimately be loyal to your brand.  

For those who claim to have a broader purpose than just selling products.
For those who wish to establish a deeper connection with their audience.
For those who take a community approach to building audience loyalty.

You are welcome on  The Newscene

How to use The Newscene Platform?

> Landing page
Start a community

> Few words about you > Sign up and voilà. You have started a community. 


Your Dashboard - Join the thread about how to start a community by following "join the conversation"

> Overview:  The number of members your community has gathered.

> Stats: You will find the list of members, divided between casual members and paid members (if you have created a paid community). In the statistics, you will also see where the registered members come from. 

> Privacy Settings: What kind of community are you building? A close and private community, accessible by invitation only? Or will your community be open to anyone who wants to join? The choice is yours. Please note that we can go a step further and create custom privacy settings if necessary. Just let us know here (link to feature request feed). 

> CRM & Analytics:  In the CRM you can see your casual and paid members. You can add casual members from a CSV and an excel sheet. If you have customized your privacy settings, you will notice 2 features: "List of authorized members" and "List of requests". In Analytics, we started with a simple percentile ranking of your community involvement, from the top 1% to the top 10% engaged, those who have real potential to become ambassadors for your brand.

> Stripe: If you are planning to start a paid membership, you need to log in to your Stripe account. This is where the magic happens.

> Community Owner Agreement & Privacy Policy: The legal things. By continuing to access The Newscene, you agree to our conditions. 

Your Community (DEM in this case)

> Clic on the name of your community in order to see what the "live version" looks like and click on "modify - (...)" to go back to your dashboard

> Stories: This is where you can write, film, and post about what you represent. This is where you frame your story. We've built the Newscene by thinking about the forward-thinking initiatives of the brands and people we want to hear from. We won't help you define your story, but we'll give you the tools you need to share it.

Live version of a community - DEM, The Newscene blog

I. Frame your stories. 
II. Publish your story in the most appropriate format - text, video, podcast, photos, etc. - and make it available to the public. 

Once you have started a story, you can: 

I. Save it in draft form
II. Send it for examination 
III. Publish (only the owner can publish the content). 

> Events: Events should not only be seen as a marketing tool, but also as a time to celebrate and connect with your members. On The Newscene you can launch an event and manage guests.

The Agenda - By Design Conf' 2020 made with The Newscene

I. Real-life meetups
II. Virtual meeting
III. You can create a calendar, a timeline and a schedule for your events. 

> Thread & Discussions: Perhaps the most fun part of building a community is talking directly to its members. The idea is to make sure that the community doesn't just rely on you - and your team - but that it relies on other members as well. We thought of this as a place where your members can interact directly without you mediating everything. 

Want to see the feed in action? Join ours - Request an article (thread) & Where to start? (thread)

> Newsletters:  They are arguably the best engagement tool to date. There is no need to say any more about that. You can start one - like a story - and send it to you, your team members, casual members and paid members (if you have a paid offer). 

> About: In your dashboard, this is where you can add people to your team. This is also where you can add a short manifesto about your community.

Coming next: The Playbook of how to get your first 1000 members (March 9th). Join The Newscene community to stay up to date.