The Newscene | How to start a community with The Newscene? (1/2)

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How to start a community with The Newscene? (1/2)

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Konan Kouassi


Beyond social networks. Beyond Events. Beyond a newsletter. How to build loyalty. How to build a scene around your brand?

We advocate for building an authentic community that will ultimately be loyal to your brand.  

While online tools such as Instagram Facebook or Twitter have made it easier than ever to reach and build an audience, creating loyalty remains incredibly challenging. Social media is inundated with new and old brands vying for the attention of shoppers, who are increasingly turning away from paid advertising and are wary of sponsored content on their feeds. In this environment, attracting customer attention requires creativity and ingenuity. You need to stand for something meaningful, to claim a broader purpose than just selling products, to build a scene around your brand.
For those who claim a broader purpose than simply selling products.
For those who wish to establish a deeper connection with their audience. 
For those who take a community-based approach to building audience loyalty. 

You are welcome on The Newscene

The Newscene. 

The Newscene allows you to build owned social networks/club-like communities. We like to think of it as a digital campfire providing an intimate oasis for small groups of people based on common interests.  
It's not just a place to commune with you or your brand. It's a place where members can commune with each other. It's giving your audience a place to meet. In the end, they will help you.
In order to build these campfires, the platform was built on 3 pillars: Content, experiences, threads and discussions. The 3 pillars are supported by a newsletter tool, a CRM and analyses.

First of all, create a space. You need to create the kind of space where users can interact both with your brand and with each other; you need your brand to be your community of reference; still, the real strength of a community lies in the interactions between users. Here's the Reason for the Newscene.

Content:  Differentiate yourself through user commitment to your philosophy. The tale is timeless. How do you tell a story, how do you tell it to the audience, how do you attract and engage them? These are essential things. 
For tools, there is The Newscene.

Experiences & Experimental:  Creating experiences that surround a brand through the customer journey acts as an antidote to commodification and declining loyalty, but we don't need to write about how events are part of the playbook on building community. 
Where we take a different approach is that we believe that getting the most out of your community involves much more than bringing people together in one place or accumulating a number of impressions around your events. 

You need to engage with your newcomers and guests well in advance of the event. Make sure you stay relevant in their minds. During the event, you need to have a place where you can connect without any problems.  Events bring people together, at least for one night. But how can a brand keep this community engaged afterwards? Again, we have a solution: Thread and discussion

The Thread and discussion:  Perhaps the most fun part of building a community is the opportunity to connect directly with the public. And not just on a top-down approach where every discussion is initiated by you, but also a space where users can interact both with your brand and with each other. The idea is to create a Community Trademark that relies as much on the public as on your team members. Give your audience a place where they can interact directly without you mediating everything. 

At this point, you might want to read part II - How to start a community with The Newscene (2/n).


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