The Newscene


Where communities get closer


The Newscene allows you to build owned social networks/club-like communities.  We like to think of it as a digital campfire providing an intimate oasis for small groups of people based on common interests.  
It's not just a place to commune with you or your brand. It's a place where members can commune with each other. It's giving your audience a place to meet. In the end, they will help you. 

We advocate for building an authentic community that will ultimately be loyal to your brand.  
While online tools such as Instagram Facebook or Twitter have made it easier than ever to reach and build an audience, creating loyalty remains incredibly challenging. Social media is inundated with new and old brands vying for the attention of shoppers, who are increasingly turning away from paid advertising and are wary of sponsored content on their feeds. In this environment, attracting customer attention requires creativity and ingenuity. You need to stand for something meaningful, to claim a broader purpose than just selling products, to build a scene around your brand.
For those who claim a broader purpose than simply selling products.
For those who wish to establish a deeper connection with their audience. 
For those who take a community-based approach to building audience loyalty. 
You are welcome to The Newscene.